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Tuesday, July 31, 2007
Ms. Teacher Lady pt. 2

I have a new job for the next year, and it's such an answer to prayer. While Starbucks was a good grad school job, it didn't pay all that well and the schedule could be pretty unpredictable. I have loved working with kids and teaching this summer (although I'm starting to hate the driving), anyway, I started looking for some part-time teaching or child care jobs. I applied for a few randomly online, and surprisingly got a phone call and interview from one. And they hired me!

I will be teaching for an Austin Area Home School Co-op. My schedule was originally only going to allow me to teach 2 of the 6 classes, but after talking to them, they added two more classes just for me to teach. This other lady and I convinced the administrator there was a need for preschool/kindergarten and 1st/2nd grade classes, she agreed and added them to the list of classes. So, I am now the English Literature and Composition teacher for this co-op. I'll be teaching preschool/Kindergarten, 1st/2nd grade, a 3rd-6th grade, and a 10th grade class. It's the first year the co-op has offered English and Language Arts, so I'm their guienea pig. I basically get to make my own cirriculam. My only restrictions are that a) the skills are comparable to what they would learn in public school and b) my lessons are taught from a Christian worldview. Growing up in a private Christian school, the latter is no problem for me. The other requirement is going to require some work on my part, looking up TEKS information.

I'm really excited though. It's a perfect opportunity. I'm only teaching 4 classes, all on the same day. So technically I only have work one day a week, although obviously planning lessons and grading papers etc. will require more work, but still, only one day a week when someone is demanding my time at a specific time of the day. This is such a God thing. I applied to my summer job with the Institute of Reading Development on a whim, never really expecting to get it. And then I did. Had I not taught reading all summer I never would've felt qualified to apply for the English position at the co-op. It's a perfect schedule, good pay, great opportunity to learn and teach, and work with some really amazing people. I'm very excited and thankful for the job.

I feel pretty confident about it, but it's weird having no guidance or direction. Every decision is up to me, choosing materials and setting up a curriculam. The reading part will be the easist, it's the grammar and writing part I'm a little hesitant about, but I'll figure it out. It's kinda weird how my research interests in school have turned towards media and digital literacy, which work hand-in-hand with the education system and how I have landed two teaching jobs this year. I don't have an education degree, I'm not even certified. But my job and my research interests are meshing in a very complimentary way. It's very cool and exciting to think where I can go with this. I think my life story is becoming one of those, "I don't really know how I wound up here, things just worked out that way." I'm taking rathrer unconventional paths and it seems to be working. I love it and I couldn't be more excited about the next year - I've got my thesis topic selected, I get to actually start researching this semester, and I have a perfect job secured for the next year of my life. God is good!

Posted at 11:12 am by Jac

|3 e 12 /\\/ z
August 1, 2007   05:44 AM PDT
Hey, thanks for posting that. I've found myself with a bit of extra time this semester and I got a bit of experience dealing with kids while I was running that Kids Club for mission, so yeah, you've just inspired me to look for work in another field.

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