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Friday, August 17, 2007
Suppose I had a creative would go here

My mom was here for 4 days and we had so much fun! I haven't really spent time with her (more than just a day) since about Christmas and we had a blast! I had registration on Saturday so she came down late that afternoon. We went to a wine bar on 2nd called Cru and shared some fondu and a flight of wine. For dinner we went to Fino. Fino is a wonderful Spanish restaurant and one of my favorite restaurants in Austin. We stayed for about three hours drinking wine, eating, we even had dessert and espresso. It was wonderful!

Sunday we went to breakfast and then down to Town Lake. We walked around the lake for bout an hour, then got a kayak. We had never done that before, it took us awhile, but we finally got the hang of it. We walked around the lake for another hour or so. It was getting pretty hot by the time we decided to leave, but it was a beautiful day and great conversation. That night, after three failed attempts, we finally ended up at a sushi restaurant down on 6th Street. Turns out it was GREAT! The chef made some off-menu specialties for us, oh boy were they good! I took her to the Ginger Man afterwards and we had a few beers. My mom is one of the few women who has the same beer taste I do - dark, creamy, rich, mmmm Stouts!

On Monday we went to Einstein's again for breakfast and then headed to New Braunfels to float the river. We took a cooler with some fruit and beer and snacks. It was perfect weather, sunny and not too hot, just a nice 94 degrees. It was a weekday so the river wasn't crowded at all. It was so relaxing...especially after our exhausting 3 hour excursion the day before. That night we ended up going back for sushi! This time one of my friends joined us - my mom had been wanting to meet him. It was very good the second time, and I always like introducing my friends to my mom. Afterwards we got some gelato and walked around downtown a bit.

And finally on Tuesday we went to the dog park, took Scout of course. My mom fell in love with a Standard Poodle out there, ha! And poor Scout got hurt - he was being chased by some big dogs, and he ran into a tree stump. He let out a few yelps and went down. The other dogs were really good and just stood over him. I think it just knocked the wind out of him, he seemed ok after awhile. Poor guy though, kinda put a damper on his play time. My mom and I ended our fun by going to Trudy's, I just love their veggie flaquitas, mmmmm!

It was a perfect way to start my vacation time! My mom and I always have so much fun together. We are really different in a lot of regards, but we are also so alike in other ways. Great just talking and catching up with her. And we got to do a lot of fun Austin activities. I think she wants to move down here, ha! I don't think my dad or his business will go for that...but maybe someday...

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