Entry: My parents are so cute Friday, August 31, 2007

My mom sent me some Leon Russell songs tonight becuase she thought I might like them (which I do!). I was chatting with her on gmail chat about the songs and this is what she said:

Mom: I sent Daddy "This Song's For You."  He said if I can put it on his ipod, we would dance to it in our hotel room in Paris while we each listen to our ipods.  Cute, or what? You know he doesn't dance, so this is special..I only wish I could get a pic of us dancing together with our ipods on listening to the same song.  Talk of romance.

And then later:

Mom: One night when I was going through chemo, you and Jenn were gone.  Our stereo wasn't working, so we put her CD in Jenn's stereo and listened to her Sounds of Heaven CD.  There is a song, Hallelujahs, that is so poignant.  We listended to that song over and over again, lieing in Jenn's bed, holding each other and crying.  It will always be one of the most precious moments of my life.

Aren't they cute and awesome? I only hope to have a marriage someday that is as great as my parents' marriage - after 35 years together they are still so in love! I love that I'm at an age that my parents can talk to me about their relationship as adults, rather than just as parents. I value their stories and advice above anyone's, they've obviously done something right!


I spent about 8 hours at the coffee shop today doing research - I feel very productive, but I'm reminded how lonely research can be. Sitting alone, staring at books and a computer screen is very isololating  - I love it, but by the end of the day ya just gotta have some human contact! Luckily A had dinner with me before he went out with his buds. I'm spending the evening at home watching bad TV on Noggin, downloading music, and trying to find some blogs for my thesis. 

Football season has started and as of 6:00 tomorrow it will officially be Football Time in Oklahoma! I'm giddy excited! Eight months without football is excrutiating! I'm sure it'll be an excellent season, it always is! That's one thing I love about NCAA football - every season is so unpredictable! Always so many upsets and unexpected teams rising to the top.



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