Entry: Coming to an end (or growing up) Sunday, September 30, 2007

After 5+ years of having this blog, I am sad to say that the time has come to end it. As I've entered into the "professional" world of grad school, I realize the importance of being careful about  what I write. While I still love to write about my personal life, I feel I can no longer do this on such a public forum. This blog has merged into some hybrid space for both my personal and academic life, and sadly, the two cannot coexist on the same forum any longer.

That being said, I plan on starting a blog for my academic musings - stuff about culture and media etc. I won't be putting the link up here because I don't want the two to be traceable. And, because I am a narcissist who cannot really resist the urge to write about my personal life from time to time, I will (unfortunately and regrettably and with much resistence) probably start using MySpace blogs for that purpose. This ensures that I have control over who is reading my blog (only my friends). I just don't want to risk that a professor or someone stumbles across my blog mixed with personal stories and academic musings - it isn't professional.

So - if you would like to read my blog of academic/media/cultural musings, email me and I'll send you the link. If you are more interested in reading the personal musings, I'll add you as a friend on MySpace. I know I have a lot of frequent readers who comment (or don't), please don't hestitate to email about either the "professional" blog or for my MySpace link. I don't mind if you keep reading either or both - my concern is more geared towards professors, colleagues, etc.

Sadly, the end...

Update Dec. 9 - I've started a new anonymous blog, similar in nature to this one but more candid. I'm keeping my identity hidden, but I don't mind people from the online community making the connection - if you're interested in reading it, please shoot me an email and I'll give you think link...probably.


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